In this fast-paced technology era, businesses need tailor-made software to stay one step ahead of the pack. However, a few myths associated with customized software development services puzzle stakeholders from deciding to invest in custom software.

This blog will highlight such myths and legends and remove all the doubts and misconceptions regarding custom software. But before we go further, let’s briefly describe custom software.

What is Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of building a fully tailored software application to meet and exceed an organization’s specific requirements. Forward-thinking businesses opt for custom software development to streamline operations and boost productivity.

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Myths Related to Custom Software

Below are the top five myths associated with custom software development:

1.      Startups & Mid-Level Businesses Don’t Need a Custom Software

There’s no doubt about the potential of custom software in scaling and streamlining core business operations. It does not matter whether you are a startup or a billion-dollar enterprise. If you believe implementing a change and investing in technology can help you save time and boost productivity, it’s worth a shot!

Investing in technology has always been rewarding, no matter the price. Consult industry experts regarding investing in custom software development, and you will see things differently for sure.

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2.      Custom Software Applications are Overpriced

This one is probably the most famous myth regarding custom software development. And to be honest, it is probably valid to some extent. If you look at the capital investments required to integrate a software application into an organization, it will be much more than taking an annual commercial software subscription. However, if you look at the bigger picture, things are totally different!

If you sum up the subscription costs of commercial software for the next five to ten years, it will probably be closer to building custom software. Unlike commercial software, custom software development hands over complete ownership to the stakeholders.

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3.      It’s Impossible to Scale Custom Software

This one is probably the most made-up myth of all. Since businesses get complete ownership of custom software, they can easily scale it accordingly.

In commercial software, businesses are at the mercy of software companies to launch updates. Custom software development is totally different and enables business owners scale at their desired pace.

4.      Custom Software Lacks Security

The security and privacy in custom software are next to none. These software applications are built specifically for the personal use of the organization. In contrast, commercial software applications are available for general audience.

Most businesses opt for custom software development just to safeguard their data from cyber attacks. Since custom software is not made publicly available, hackers don’t have any chance stealing confidential information.

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5.      You Need to Setup a Dedicated In-House Team

The last and the most hyped-up myth on our list is that businesses need to set up in-house software development teams for custom software development. Around 90% of businesses outsource custom software development to industry experts.

Outsourcing custom software development projects enable businesses to focus entirely on their core business operations. Moreover, it saves the cost of setting up dedicated workspaces, not to mention the hefty costs involved in recruitment and training of the software team.

Wrapping Up…

Put simply, building software tailored to the organization’s specific needs is the key to escaping the cutthroat competition. Not only does it help expedite business operations, but it also enables businesses to scale up as they grow.

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Whether you need to hire android app developers to build a dedicated mobile app for your consumer business or partner with a full-fledged software development company for your next enterprise project, investing in it will always bear substantial returns.


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