For centuries people have been using jewelry to decorate different parts of the body. But jewelry is not used only for ornamentation, it is the way to communicate non-verbally, to announce views and beliefs, to express feelings, to protect oneself.

Let’s discuss 5 pieces of jewelry that can not only finish your look but help to create it or be the center of your image.

  1. Earrings provide a lot of room for imagination, creativity and self-expression. The great variety of types demonstrates how popular this piece of jewelry is. Each type of earrings’ style is able to create a whole new look, not mentioning the amount of designs every one of them can possibly inspire. That’s one of the descriptions of the concept of infinity. Here’s just a part of the list of earrings’ types: stud, leverback, English hook, wire hook, huggie, dangle, teardrop, chandelier, hoop, cluster, tassel, bajoran, ear cuffs, crawler, shoulder duster, mismatched, sculptural, barbell… And that’s only the types of styles, each of them can be divided into the types of earring backs, types of clasps and places of piercing to wear them.
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    We won’t get into all the types of earrings here, let’s talk about the 2022 trends instead. This year’s jewelry continues the succession of comebacks from 80s and 90s. Massiveness and abundance of colors are more than welcome, especially in summer fashion collections. Colorful statement earrings are perfect to make your look bold and fashionable meeting all the expectations of 2022 trends.

Sculptural earrings are also here to satisfy the aesthetic needs of geometry lovers and extraordinary forms admirers.

A girl with a pearl earring now can be referred not only to a Vermeer belle, but to a girl in 2022. Modern design earrings with pearls are here to help express the elegance this year.

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A lot of fashion houses made a bet on chains in 2022. That’s why the earrings in the shape of chain links are the top-notch of the season.

The undying classic of the earrings, the hoops, will add a touch of flair even to the everyday look. This type of earrings is easy to combine with other jewelry.


The trend of mismatched earrings displays the creative and playful look, giving your ideas the room to run wild. The variety of combinations can be limited only by your imagination.

It goes without saying that diamonds are a must. Not only this year but on the permanent basis. Any style of earrings and any look will get a dose of elegance when diamonds are added.

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Every man and woman can find the earrings which will match their style, outfit, new fashion trends, mood or even weather.

  1. Necklace is the jewelry that can significantly change the look. An everyday outfit can be transformed into an evening one simply by adding a suitable necklace. Necklaces are normally classified by length in the following way:
  • Collar (12-13 inches)
  • Choker (14-16)
  • Princess (18-20)
  • Matinee (22-23)
  • Opera (30-35)
  • Rope (35-40+)
  • Lariat (any necklace that is longer that the rope and often worn in multiple layers draped around the neck)

Necklaces can also be classified by the style: bib, chain, plastron, festoon, lavaliere, negligee, riviere, sautoir and thread.

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Today we’ll talk about the most practical and popular style of necklaces. Chains are undeniable basic jewelry. They can be worn by men and women with any style and outfit for every occasion. You probably won’t be able to find jewelry that is as versatile as chains.

This year such fashion houses as Givenchy, Balmain and Valentino proclaimed chains a must-have, Chanel even included body chains into their collection. So, all you have to do now is to choose a style of the chain you want. Here are a few most popular styles of chains you might want to look at.

The cable link chain is the simplest type of chains with plain pattern of identical oval or circular links that are connected with each other in a row. This construction makes it simple looking but strong.

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The curb link chain is constructed of flat circular or oval twisted links and includes such types of chains as Cuban link chain, Figaro, Franco and others. Cuban (also known as Miami Cuban) chains are made with oval twisted links and are the most popular modern variety of curb chains. Franco link chain consists of V-shaped or chevron links put tightly together. Figaro chains are also an Italian variation of curb chains. The distinctive feature of Figaro style chain is the order of its links’ shapes. Usually one long oval link follows several smaller ones to form a chain.

Rope chains for men became popular thanks to the rappers of the 80s and since then became a favorite basic jewelry not only for men but for women too. The pattern is made of small links that form a shape of two twisted in a spiral way threads which provides additional luster to a chain

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Bead dog-tag chains consist of solid or hollow ball links, which makes them durable and practical for wearing with heavy pendants or tag-like medallions.

All those types of chains are popular because they are stylish, practical, durable and easy to care for. All you need for cleaning a gold chain is a piece of soap, water and a soft brush.

If you still think chains are too plain for you, then you may consider chokers. Lanvin and Tom Ford suggested iced-out and encrusted with shiny gemstones chokers for 2022 which you certainly won’t call simple looking. Or you may prefer the choice of Chanel. They offer to get a necklace with fringes and pair it with a simple T-shirt and denim. Chloe and Givenchy introduce necklaces au naturale with massive raw stones. And don’t forget about bright colors as the rainbow is still on top of fashion.

  1. 3. Pendants are the type of jewelry which can completely change the style of your necklace, provide a special meaning to the jewelry ensemble and finish your look. They go perfectly together with this year’s trend of chains.  There are also different types of pendants you may choose from.
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Amulets and talismans. The difference between them is that an amulet is made to protect its wearer while a talisman is believed to provide some supernatural powers or gives some benefits to the person it belongs to.

Locket is a pendant constructed to be able to open and close, and its purpose is to contain a precious item of a small size (a photo, lock of hair, etc.)

Medallion is most often a coin shaped piece of metal. They may be used as identification tags, religious or zodiac signs, awards.


Functional pendant. Whistles, keys, watches, astronomical and navigational instruments and even USB flash drives can be made into pendants.

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Pendants are used to accent the beauty of the wearer, but they can also be the precious piece of jewelry holding dear memories and feelings. A beautiful pendant with meaning not only makes your look stylish but also keeps your heart warm. That’s why pendants are perfect as a present.

  1. 4. Bracelet

To emphasize the delicacy of your hands and highlight the elegance of gestures bracelets are the best jewelry choice. Accentuating on body language of your hands they may help to finish the look and start the conversation. The types of bracelets create the space for choice: bangle, chain, tennis, cuff, charm, beaded, friendship, affirmation… Let’s get a quick look into those styles.

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Bangle is a type of a loose still bracelet with no opening or clasp.

Cuff is also a rigid bracelet without a clasp but with an opening.

Chain bracelets are just what they sound they are.

Tennis bracelet is made primarily of a single chain incrusted with gemstones (preferably diamonds).

Beaded bracelet consists of beads which can be made of almost any material.

Charm is a style of bracelet you can construct yourself attaching jewelry items (charms) to it.

Friendship bracelet is originally colorful woven or braided bracelet given by or to a friend.

Affirmation bracelets usually hold a phrase or memory important for the wearer.


In 2022 cuffs are on the spotlight. Prada, Fendi and Etro recommend wearing them not only on the wrist but on the forearm. Wear them as chunky as possible to make the look fashionable. And as colors are also popular this year, bracelets become the best jewelry to make the rainbow burst.

  1. Rings probably have more meanings than any other jewelry. Any promise, event or feeling can be commemorated in a ring.
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There are bands for every occasion: engagement, wedding and anniversary. They are commonly rings with no obvious top which can be engraved or incrusted with gemstones.

There are also types of rings according to the place or type of the gemstones in them:

Cluster ring made of multiple gemstones styled together.

Solitaire displays a single gemstone.

Halo ring is holding one center gemstone framed by other smaller ones.

Cocktail ring can be made of one or multiple large gemstones often of different colors.

3-stone ring is a ring with 3 stones which can symbolize past, present and future styled together.

Birthstone ring holds a gemstone of the month you were born.

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Eternity ring is a band incrusted in gemstones all over it.

There are also rings with history, such as antique (rings of more than 100 years old) and vintage (those from 1920s to 1980s).

Interesting and complex look guarantee such rings as puzzle which is constructed of several hoops that fit together to form a single ring; spinner – a ring consisting of two hoops one of which is a stable base and the other is a spinning insert; and stack rings which include two or more bands styled to wear together on the same finger.

If you prefer rough and chunky rings, there’s a nugget ring often made with a large piece of yellow gold sometimes set with a gemstone, or a signet containing your initials.

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To commemorate a certain promise there’s a ring for it: promise ring can be presented as a symbol of love or friendship, or may be worn as a symbol of religious or personal commitment; posie ring holds an engraved message, often a promise or quotation, on the inside and is extremely meaningful to the wearer.

And here they are, fashion and contemporary rings which hold no specific meaning except for the looks.

To complete your look, you may pick any of these rings or wear several at once, it depends only on the image you’re willing to create.

The world of jewelry provides an almost infinite number of instruments to style your look, and you’re free to choose any one of them to create perfection.

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