Unless you buy a collector’s item or something that is guaranteed to become a much sought-after classic car in a few years’ time, most cars start to depreciate the minute you drive them off the forecourt. If you want to get a decent chunk of your money back when you sell your car you are going to have to look for one that doesn’t depreciate as fast. Here are five luxury cars that hold their value. 

Audi Q5

This is a top car in the luxury compact crossover market and as such, it should hold its value well in the future. Many cars that hold their value offer state of the art technology which is only a feature of one model when it is brought to the market. In the case of the Q5, the all-wheel-drive and on-demand technology make it unique in the marketplace right now, and although this is expected to change in the future as more car companies use it, this technology will make the Audi Q5 an interesting collectible in a few years’ time. If you want to know how to sell luxury cars read the We Buy Exotics guide.


The design of this car is fabulous, and this is what will help it to retain its value in the future. It is a sleek coupe with a sporty design and a rolling kidney grill. The interior is state of the art with 14-way adjustable sports seats and designer upholstery. This car has a powerful engine and there are two types of engines available depending on just how much power you want the car to have. If you are looking to the future, however, then it might be better to go for the more powerful design as this is likely to hold its value better. 

Lexus RC

The brand name alone is enough to help this car to retain its resell value. However, the V-8 engine, turbocharged eight-speed automatic gearbox, and high-performance suspension certainly help. The car offers state-of-the-art safety features which are going to be a big selling point in the future with automatic emergency braking, front, side, knee, and overhead airbags, and forward-collision warning. 

Porsche 911

This car has been holding its value for years and the 911 can be seen in anything from a classic car to a state-of-the-art model as it has been upgraded regularly over the years. The 2017 model is probably the one that will hold its value best though as it features some great engine choices and up to 580 horsepower. This is a comfortable, stylish ride and you should get at least half of your money back if you sell it within the next five years. 

Mercedes Benz GLC

This is another luxury car brand that will always be popular. However, the fact that it has won the SUV of the Year Award in the past will keep people interested in this make and model for years to come. It has lots of legroom and space in the trunk, but the car can carry this easily as it features a turbocharged engine. 

There are some great safety features on this car including Collision Prevention Assist Plus and Crosswind Assist which will help to prevent you from being blown from side to side in high wind or on the freeway. 

The best things to look for if you want a car that holds its value are unique or brand-new features as these will be popular in the future too. These are the five best luxury cars that are up to date and should hold their value well. If you don’t want to lose too much money on your purchase, opt for one of these.

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