French or Dutch? Unlock The Braids Game With HaloCouture

The Original Halo isn’t just a one-trick pony. Increasing your hair’s thickness and length is only the beginning. When you have more hair to work with, you can now create a wider range of hairstyles that were previously considered to be impossible to do with fine hair. And one of them is braids!

Hair extensions are an excellent method to add volume and length to braids. A halo is your best choice if you desire extensions to give your braids extra punch.

The halo is the greatest braided hair extension.


Because it’s simple, won’t pull or harm your natural hair, and best of all, the halo rests so low at the back of your head and under your hair that any braided hairdo will completely conceal the halo.

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The halo hair extension is the most recent form of hair addition that does not adhere to your natural hair. Instead, it makes use of your natural head shape and rests securely on your head like a crown with a disguised wire. On the other hand, your natural hair will sit on top of the halo, firmly keeping it in place. In contrast, nearly all other types of hair extensions are linked to your original hair somehow.

Halo hair extensions are a one-step process for achieving longer, fuller hair. They are ideal for first-time users and are simple enough to apply for everyday wear in a matter of minutes. Halo hair extensions lay softly on top of your head, fastened with a tiny, invisible wire rather than being clipped or sewn in. Halo hair extensions are appropriate for those with thin to medium hair and hair that is longer than shoulder length.

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double french braids 295x300 1 - 5 Braided Original Halo Hair Extensions That Are In Trend This Season

Single Or Double? Braids Are As Lively As Blake herself

Have you ever tried double french braids on short or fine hair? You’d be aware of how difficult and irritating it can be. While braiding, pieces of hair fall out of your hands… You can’t manage to pull enough hair evenly when you braid… You get the idea. The benefits of braiding with the original Halo are that it becomes much easier to gather sections of hair for braiding right away.

The end result: thick, luxurious braids made with ease.

How to achieve it? 

  • Apply your Halo Hair extensions first.
  • Make a center part in your hair. You can separate your hair with your fingers or with a comb.
  • Plait a tiny portion of hair around the top of your head to begin the braid. It’s ideal for placing it towards the front of your hairline and high up around your center part.
  • After that, add roughly a finger width of additional hair to each of the three plaited strands before plaiting them once more.
  • Continue to plait more hair each time until all of your hair is now woven into a braid. Make a normal plait with the remaining hair after there is no more hair to pull in.
  • Repeat the process on the opposite side.

boho hair braids at halocouture 300x200 1 - 5 Braided Original Halo Hair Extensions That Are In Trend This Season

Ombre And Boho Braids Are Trending

When it comes to halo braid hairstyles, they are typically classified as updos. Not always, as this lovely boho half halo braid demonstrates. I’d seen this boho braid floating around the internet and assumed it was too complex for a style beginner. Consider adding theoriginal human hair extensions into the style if you want plenty of volume on both the top and bottom with natural finish.

  • Apply your Halo as normal.
  • Then, instead of fastening the other two clip wefts on either side of your head, clip them both in towards the rear of your head. This will give your braid a lot of volume.
  •  Pull half of your hair back and start braiding. Make sure not to pull too tight, since we’re looking for a trendy bohemian aesthetic that isn’t too polished or overdone.
  • Tie the braid with a clear band or one that matches your hair color.
  • To form a loose, effortless-looking braid, gradually pull parts of the braid outside without entirely unraveling it to make it bigger and messier.
  • Finish with your preferred hairspray.
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You can try this look with various ombre and highlighted hair extensions too.


braid crown with halo couture 254x300 1 - 5 Braided Original Halo Hair Extensions That Are In Trend This Season

There Are Countless Crown Ideas For Our Ladies To Feel Like Queen

This braided crown is made up of two distinct strands that have been put together.

That’s all. There will be no intricate hair braiding.

I know what you mean – it’s a lot easier and less frightening than you anticipated.

That’s it until we found out how simple it is with the human hair extensions.

  • Remove both 2-clip wefts for this hairdo. 
  • Then, take one weft and cut it into three parts to make a three-strand braid. 
  • When you’re through braiding, conceal it by tying the bottom with an elastic that matches the color of your hair. 
  • Pull out various parts of the braid (as shown in the previous two styles) to form a complete, disheveled braid.
  • Part your hair on the side of your head and fasten the braided weft a few inches above your ear, beneath the lace section of the Halo weft.
  • Bring the braid over to the opposite side, so that it rests at the top of your head like a headband.
  • Bobby pin the braid’s loose end down, and you’re done!

I’m sure braids and a halo have been your new best friends by now. Experiment with different hairstyles using real human hair extensions and halo extensions like Halo Couture’s Fall and Layered Halo.

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