So you’ve booked a cruise, and you’re super excited, but then you think, “What am I supposed to pack?” This uncertainty can be daunting, especially if you’ve never been on a cruise before. Never fear; this list will guide you through your wardrobe selections so you can have the safest, most comfortable, and most memorable cruise vacation ever!


When you first board a cruise ship, your luggage is taken to your cabin separately, and you’re usually not allowed to access it until later in the afternoon. But, in the meantime, there is much swimming and fun to be had. Where there are cruise ships, there is water, so be extra sure to back your bathing suit for the trip! It’s a smart idea to bring a day bag with you filled with anything you might need for the afternoon before you can access your cabin. So throw in your bathing suit, a coverup of some kind, a change of clothes, sunscreen, and perhaps a book for some restful pool lounging. This way, you don’t have to miss out on the fun because your bathing suit is stuck in your luggage.

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Proper Footwear

Shoes are so important for the safety and comfort of your trip! All inclusive cruises are awesome because you technically don’t have to leave the ship, but you will definitely want to check out all of the stops and ports of call on your itinerary. So, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes such as sneakers or hiking shoes. Even if you don’t plan on hiking on rough terrain (though there are usually hiking excursions available), you’re going to want to be comfortable walking in town, shopping, and checking out the landscape. This is especially important if you’re cruising in Europe––the cities there are very old and may have original streets of cobblestone which can spell disaster if you trip.

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Additionally, be sure to bring a pair of sandals for hanging out at the pool and in the sauna, exploring the ship, and chilling on the beach.

It’s also a clever idea to bring a pair of dress shoes; cruises usually have at least one formal restaurant on board, as well as upscale bars and nightly entertainment. There is sometimes a dress code for these events, so bringing a pair of dressy shoes will ensure you’re covered.

Formal Wear

There will most likely be a time on board that requires you to dress your best whether it is for a fancy formal dinner aboard the ship, an evening show, or perhaps an offshore event. So for gentlemen, that usually means a collared shirt and khakis at the very least, but most likely a tie and jacket. Bring that collared shirt anyway, though––there will probably be a time when a tee shirt and denim shorts aren’t appropriate, but the occasion is not formal enough to wear a tie and jacket.

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Ladies, pack a dress or a nice top and dress slacks. A nice, flowy sundress and some dressy sandals wouldn’t go amiss here either. As with the gentlemen, there may be an event where cutoffs won’t cut it, so be sure to pack clothing in varying forms of formalness.


Funwear isn’t a real word, but it perfectly explains the style of clothing you will need for the majority of your trip! Check out the weather patterns for the area you will be visiting and pack according to that season. For the most part, you’ll want comfortable, informal, sturdy clothing that will stick with you no matter where your adventure takes you. Avoid clothes that will cause chafing, rubbing, or will ride up. You want your mind to be on the fun you’re experiencing, not the discomfort of your clothing! Breathable fabric, such as cotton, is also a good idea as it allows moisture to pass through. You don’t want to be marinating in your own sweat when you’re trying to have a good time! Think loose, breathable, flowy, and comfortable, and you can’t go wrong.

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Follow this list and you will have everything you need to have a good time. With all this in your bag, plus a sense of adventure in your heart, you’ll surely have the most incredible (and comfortable) vacation!

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