When it comes to marketing and advertising, there are always going to be new and exciting ways to integrate cutting-edge technology into your campaigns. The constant advancement that technology affords these fields of business always gives marketing departments more tools to reach their target audiences. While things like social media, UGC (user-generated content), and more have allowed marketing departments a wider reach, there are still tried and true methods of marketing that have stood the test of time. One of those methods is OOH, or out-of-home media.


Several types of OOH have been used for decades and are still viable options for marketing departments to look into. From billboards to wallscape advertising and vehicle wraps. If you have been curious to learn more about OOH media, specifically wallscape advertising, here is everything you need to know.

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What Exactly is OOH Media, and Why Should You Care?

Before getting into the specifics of wallscape advertising, let’s talk a little bit about what OOH media is and why it could be a great choice for your next marketing campaign. OOH media itself is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and it’s stood the test of time for one simple reason – it works!


This form of advertising is most recognizable as the iconic billboard. Billboards are essentially the most famous form of OOH media, however, there is a rich variety of options to choose from when it comes to using OOH media. In general, this style of advertising revolves around exposure to mass crowds through strategic placement. Whether it’s a huge billboard along a highway or a vehicle wrap driving around New York City, OOH media capitalizes on mass exposure.

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While other forms of marketing are very effective, like commercial advertising, online ads, and more, this particular style of marketing has continued to be effective through the years. Technology can help enhance this kind of marketing, as digital billboards and spectaculars can be enhanced to catch more attention than a typical analog board. However, the core concept remains the same.


So what is a wallscape, and when it comes to choosing a form of OOH media, what benefits will this bring?

  1. Cost Effective Exposure

This first benefit of using a wallscape is not necessarily unique only to wallscapes – but rather one of the biggest benefits of using OOH media in general, and that’s cost-effective exposure. The main reason that this form of advertising is still used effectively is that it is a cost-effective way of getting a message out to a large audience. Wallscapes themselves are dependent on a few key features like placement and design, just like any method of OOH media, however, they can passively rack up thousands of interactions a day.

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So when it comes to the first reason you should be considering wallscapes, it’s the fact that they can passively reach a large audience over a specific amount of time.

  1. Brand Validity

One of the biggest benefits of using OOH media for your next marketing campaign is the fact that this style of marketing has been used for decades by the most loved brands the world over. Because brands like Coca-cola, Ford, and more have used this kind of marketing, it’s lent a sense of validity to it.


Not only that, but huge, well-designed advertisements tend to inspire a sense of respect. So when it comes to using a wallscape, it can not only give your brand passive exposure, but it can also help bring a sense of brand validity. This can help not only pull in new potential customers but also win them over to the quality of your brand.

  1. Enhances Creativity

A lot of OOH media does the same thing, it reaches a large audience effectively at a competitive cost. It also helps to establish a brand identity as well as validity, and it’s a method of marketing that has proven itself over and over again. One thing that wallscapes themselves bring to the table, is a deeper sense of creativity. This is due to the fact that a wallscape is strategically placed on the building.

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This means that not only is the advertisement itself catching people’s attention, but it’s also pulling from the building itself. Using a building that is unique, eye-catching, and strategically placed can be a huge benefit that enhances the ability of the wallscape to capture people’s attention.


While a billboard will have massive exposure, it will always be to some degree just a billboard. A wallscape can not only be just as eye-catching and noticeable as a billboard, but it also can play off of the attraction of the building itself.


Using a wallscape in your next marketing campaign can bring a lot of benefits to your brand. With wide exposure that is enhanced due to the building, wallscapes are a great option to look into.

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