Many people believe that slot machines like Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Indonesia and live rtp slot are a waste of time and often do not understand how to really win at them. However, there are certain secrets that can help you predict what will happen on the next spin, so you can make the right bet and even try to increase your chances by betting max or setting another bet limit. Let’s see what these secrets are!


1) The Last 3 Symbols Placed On Reels:

The last three symbols in the game placement determine where the slot machine pays out from. If you prefer higher-paying symbols, then it is best if you place these symbols as close together on the reels as possible. By placing 3 (or more) symbols of the same type on the reels in a row, you can increase your chances of getting a jackpot payout. On the other hand, if you think that 3 symbols will help you win the jackpot, then you can place these symbols further apart on the reels to gain more of them and alter the game payouts.

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2) The Stacked Wheel:

If two or more reel prizes pay from left to right on a stacked wheel, then you can also hope for a third prize to appear on this wheel (paying from right to left). By betting max, you can increase the chance of getting a winner by placing many coins on these reels. However, if you are betting low, then it is better to bet just one of these reels – it is safer that way!


3) Coupon Jackpot:

When there are 3 or more tokens that pay from top left to bottom right on the wheel, then it is called a coupon jackpot. In this case, even if you only place 1 token on these reels, it can often increase your chances of winning a higher prize.

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4) Pairs of Symbols and Prize Chances:

The chance of getting a prize is very good when two symbols pay from left to right and one symbol (or more) pays from right to left on a wheel. But if you only place 1 token on these reels, there will be a higher chance of getting a prize.


5) Betting Max

When you bet max, you can’t change the amount of your bet at any time during the game. However, if you win, then the payout will be calculated based on your total bet (not just the amount that was left on the line). This means that it is best to bet max if you want to win the jackpot.

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6) Connected Symbols:

When you place 3 or more symbols on reels that pay from top left to bottom right (on a stacked wheel), then it is called a connected symbol – these are treated as one unit and get combined as they appear in this order on the reels. This makes it easier for you to increase your chances of winning a prize by placing many coins on these connected symbols (for one or more prizes). It is also true that if you place only 1 token on these connected symbols, your hopes will be lower.


7) High-Paying Symbols:

There are some high-paying symbols that you should bet on to increase your chances of winning a prize. These include: 3 cherries, 3 lemons, 3 plums and the double diamond symbol. The most important thing here is not to bet max on these symbols; it is better to reduce your bets by at least one coin. A single cherry symbol is usually worth more than any other symbol, but they pay less in high denominations of 1-3 coins. Therefore, if you place these symbols as lower limit bets (1 coin or even 0.5 coins), you can still gain more coins of the high-paying symbols without risking too much.

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8) Lower Limit Symbols:

Symbols that pay from left to right on a stacked wheel will give you higher chances of winning a prize when you bet low. The only low-paying symbols are the joker, king and queen symbols because they do not pay from left to right as shown on the reels. Therefore, you should avoid placing these symbols as low limit bets (or even 0.50 coins), especially the joker symbol.


9) The Run:

If you get a prize that pays from top left to bottom right on the wheel and then get another prize that pays in the same way, this is called a ‘run’. When you experience a run, a second symbol or more in the same direction will appear on these reels (in order to continue paying off in this direction). Therefore, if you really want to earn some good payouts, it is best if you place these high paying symbols as high limit bets (at least 2 coins) because they are worth collecting when they appear on these reels.

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10) The Symbol Pays from Left to Right:

A key point of the game is to know whether the symbol on a reel pays from left to right or right to left. Sometimes, you can find that a single symbol will pay from both directions (a double diamond symbol). In this case, it pays close attention to the symbol that appears first on each reel – if it is a lower-paying symbol, then place this as your lower limit bet. But if it is a higher-paying symbol, then there is a good chance that you will win a bonus prize (usually 10 times the original bet amount).

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Slot machines are a lot of fun to play. They often have a great visual effect, and the music and sound effects that go along with them can be quite engaging. However, it is best if you keep in mind all of the secrets mentioned above when playing any slot machine game, especially when you are betting max and trying to win the jackpot prize.


By following these simple tips, you can hope to increase your chances of winning at any slot machine game in the future! All you need is just a little bit of luck!

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