Planning a vacation is always a good idea especially when you need a break from your work and spend quality time with your friends, family. Before you finalize a destination, the main question that tricks everyone’s head is finding the right accommodationhotel in the town.

Important tips before choosing a hotel

It’s always difficult to shortlist the hotel in the town with the best service, rooms, reviews, basic amenities, etc. We all have to struggle a lot in getting all these things from one hotel. The article highlights all the important tips that an individual needs to consider before booking a hotel.

  1. The location– The first important question while choosing a hotel is the centralized location. Tourists try to look at a hotel that is not too far from the market because they do not want to spend their time travelling but enjoying the destination that is famous for.
  2. A pro tip for all the tourists who are planning to go to Agra is that don’t look at the hotel that is provided at a cheap rate because cheap is not always the right decision. Thus there are many hotels includingthe Oberoi Amarvilas Agra,which is great for their service, customer’s experience, etc.
  3. Price comparison– Before finalizing any hotel after seeing its pictures online, try to compare the prices of the shortlisted hotels in that location. Each hotel has its prices, policies, offers. So, before finalizing any hotel, next skip this important factor.
  4. Check the hotel reviews– It is the most crucial step before making a stay in a hotel. It would be better if you thoroughly read 5-10 reviews posted by the tourists to make a firm decision regarding a hotel. While reading reviews you can know all the positives and negatives of the hotel i.e. the atmosphere, staff behaviour, tourist experience, cleanliness, what is included, and whatnot. If you get convinced with the reviews then you can proceed further or else shortlist more hotels for your comfort.
  5. Check for the meal included– While making a price comparison of a hotel there are some exclusions like a meal, parking fees that a hotel does not disclose in starting. Free meals are always acceptable and make tourists happy and overwhelming because after paying a lot for the hotel stay, tourists look for free meals.
  6. Check the payment mode– Today, the world is full of digitalization, every person makes use of a cashless mode of transaction for making the payment. Thus, if you are looking forward to booking a hotel then instead of visiting the place on the spot, you can make a hotel reservation online by paying a little amount in advance through a debit card, credit card. This will reduce your pressure of either you will get an empty hotel room or not on reaching to the place. But always check with a hotel whether they do accept half payment down or not beforehand instead later you get surprises.
  7. Refund policy– The other important tip while check-in hotel is to know the refund policy of the hotel room. Sometimes the unpredictable circumstances (like someone’s death from the family or COVID-19 situation) can appear in front of the visitors that made them cancel their bookings on the spot. Therefore, many websites do offer cancellation or refund policies to the customer to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship with the customers. It is important to know beforehand so that you do not get surprises at the end.
  8. Safety measures– Safety is the most concern factor that every person should consider before booking a hotel for himself or herself. After a whole day travelling and visiting a different location, you can feel tiresome and thus a comfortable stay is what everyone demands. Every hotel should have guards and safety measures at every corner from reception to the garden area to keep a check on the people. CCTV recording at parking and another lounge would help in making the trip of tourists enjoyable and relaxing.
  9. Check for the basic amenities including WiFi facility– Your hotel stay is incomplete with basic amenities like ironing press, swimming pool, barbeques, free Wi-Fi facility. Many hotels provide free WiFi access for all of their tourists while some refrain to do so. Thus, before booking a hotel do not forget this step, after all, you are paying a large amount for your comfortable stay and you can expect a little from their side too.
  10. Understanding staff– Your experience in a hotel is not just limited to the cleanliness of the room, basic amenities but with the service too. Thus, it is very important that the staff needs to be pleasant and helpful when you need help. Half of the tourist’s experience depends upon how the staff is treating them. Thus, hotels should have a great, enthusiastic staff team who can make tourists’ experiences enjoyable yet memorable. 

Additional costs– Being a tourist, hotels can smartly play with your innocence. To not get fooled, always know what all costs are included and what not instead of getting surprises at the end. You can even compare the parking costs of different hotels to save your money before selecting a hotel in theOberoi Amarvilas Agra 

To conclude | Important tips before choosing a hotel

It is rightly said planning a vacation is not that difficult as looking for the right hotel. Half of the time we spend in selecting the hotel with all the facilities that we want. But, if you are also struggling with the same, then above mentioned article highlights all the crucial factors that every individual needs to consider before finalizing any hotel. Make your trip worth considering and enjoyable with all the mentioned tips.

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