It’s all about fun and games when the weekend rolls around and your kids are looking for you to entertain them. Here’s a look at 10 fun kids activities in Dubai.

Laguna Waterpark
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If you’re interesting in going to a waterpark that also has a shorefront, Laguna Waterpark is just the right place. Take a walk on the boardwalk, lay out on one of the beach cabanas, or try out the attractions inside the waterpark. The waterpark features a lazy river, water slides, and multiple pools for surfing and swimming. If you’re a surfer, you’ll appreciate the WaveOz 180 as one of the first wave pools of it’s kind in the region. People that visit this waterpark love the fact that it allows you to choose from a variety of rides ranging from really scary to extremely relaxing. For the thrill seekers try out Free Fall and the Mad Racer.

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Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark
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A land of adventure with the added element of being in the water for extra fun! Over 30 rides and attractions that are sure to get your heart racing and and heighten your sense of exploration. You can find Dubai’s longest lazy river here, which means you can enjoy being in the water and just talk with your loved ones while you’re floating and laughing. Splasher’s Island is geared towards your younger kiddos so be sure to make use of that if you’re looking for a safer and less crowded area.

Bounce Dubai
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Bounce Dubai is an extraordinary indoor trampoline park and makes the list for fun kids activities in Dubai. Add a level of adventure when taking your kids out for physical activity and you’ll find them excited to go and bounce around on the trampolines. They can free jump and let loose or they can choose to participate in air-sports like basketball as they use the trampolines to be airborne. The possibilities for fun and energetic play combines with sports are infinite.

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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
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Located inside the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the one of the best kids activities n Dubai. It’s known the world over for being one of the largest suspended aquariums and is one of the top tourist destinations for people visiting Dubai. If you can wrap your head around what 10 million liters of water looks like, you’ll stand in amazement as you stare at this tank filled with a variety of beautiful marine life.

Dubai Butterfly Garden
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Inside Dubai’s Miracle Garden, you’ll come across the Butterfly Garden which is a popular destination for those looking to find kids activities in Dubai. One of the most picturesque aspects of this place is the 9 domes that make up the structure and are also home to the 15,000 species of butterflies. They offer educational videos and material so your children can learn about how butterflies evolve from caterpillars and all that goes into their development.

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LEGOLAND Parks Dubai
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An interactive theme park where everything is made out of LEGOs and also encourages your little ones to build things with their own hands. LEGOLAND features over 40 LEGO themed rides, attractions and performances. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are welcome. Start your journey at The Factory where your kids can learn how LEGOs are made. LEGO City is where your little ones can get a driver’s license, fly a plane and engage in other important activities that involve team work and problem solving. Other zones include Miniland, Kingdoms and Adventure.

Cheeky Monkeys Dubai
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Cheeky Monkeys Dubai is the perfect place to take your little ones for fun kids activities in Dubai. This land of amusement features an endless selection of games, classes, sports and soft play areas. An added bonus is the kids’ salon that is on site and offers an assortment of beauty packages. The idea behind this venue is to bring together play, education and celebration. The enormous soft play area inside Cheeky Monkeys Dubai consists of a 5 level play structures that contains slides, trampolines and climbers. Your kids will jump for joy when they see the monkey clubhouse and they’ll want to spend hours playing in it! Cheeky Monkeys Dubai also offers party packages where you can reserve the space for birthday parties and other kids’ celebrations.

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Who wouldn’t want to visit the place that is known for providing one of the most fun-filled kids’ activities in Dubai. Located inside the Dubai Mall, it’s a city built for kids to be able to role play and practice realistic adult jobs. Your whole family will delight in being able to have real life occupations like being a doctor, pilot, chef, or radio host just to name a few. Bring your kids here if you want them to get a taste of how the world works and what to expect as they get older and develop more responsibilities.

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If you’ve tried the escape room concept and are looking for the next step up, Jumble will offer you just that. The concept is to solve as many mysteries and challenges as you possible can as you move from room to room. You’ll be racing against the clock and working with your team members while using your mental and physical abilities. Gamers absolutely fall in love with this place because of the way they combine fun, challenges, and working together through a lot of laughs.

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The Edge Adventures
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The Edge Adventures is an indoor adventure park that offers fun kids activities in Dubai. Children are filled with excitement and intrigue when they visit and you won’t spot one child that is bored or uninterested. Some of the thrilling attractions include the zip line, rope courses, and the climbing wall. There is even a ninja course that will test your limits and have you improving skills on every level. Your family won’t be able to get enough of the obstacle courses and climbing challenges that are featured here!

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