Before buying jogging shoes, there are several factors you need to consider. They help you determine the type of shoe to buy and its benefit. Below are 10 questions you should consider before settling on the pair of shoes to purchase

  1. Which surface is the best for everyday jogging?

The nature trail is the best compared to a tarmac road, thanks to the texture of the surface. A tarmac surface has gravel and tar, which causes friction that wears out shoes faster. On the other hand, a nature trail has an all-weather softer surface with lesser friction. Consider a nature trail passing in a forested area for better results.

  1. What is the average lifespan of jogging shoes?
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The lifespan of jogging shoes is a combination of several factors: the frequency, the surface, and the length of your runs. If you put on the same pair of shoes every day, they will wear out faster. Likewise, tarmac jogging wears out shoes quickly compared to natural surfaces. However, if you are a heavy user, 300 miles is ideal to retire your shoes, while 500 miles is the longest you can use the same pair for jogging.

  1. Can the shoes determine the jogging speed?

No. However, they play a bigger role in maintaining the foot comfort that influences how you run. For better results, test the shoe before buying. Contemporary shoe designers use soft synthetic material that allows your feet to breathe while exercising.

  1. Does wearing shoes reduce foot strength when I run?
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Currently, no scientific findings directly link foot strength to shoe-wearing. However, those who run bare feet make small calculated steps that help improve their grasp. However, shoes offer intrinsic value when exercising, preventing accidents and other hazardous occurrences.

Consider looking for minimalist running shoes to merge the two schools of thought. For those trying the flat shoes for the first time, introduce them gradually to avoid injury or discomfort.

  1. Can I wear flat shoes for long-distance jogging

Every shoe has its preferred distance. Flat and minimalist shoes are meant for short distances and sprints. However, researchers advocate for flat shoes for jogging as they increase the foot grip. Introduce flat shoes into your routine gradually to avoid straining your feet or tilting the balance.

  1. Which are the best shoes for someone coming in for the first time?
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First-time runners should start with comfortable and stable shoes. It helps them maintain balance and strengthen their feet as they ease into intensive practices. They also offer impact protection during exercise, which develops body strength with time. Afterwards, then can consider minimalist shoes.

  1. What is a shoe drop, and why is it important?

Shoe drop is the height difference between your heel and the forefoot. It tells the steepness of your foot and how it influences jogging efficiency. A shoe drop is essential for runners since it increases foot and knee flexibility, which are essential in addressing problems like calf injuries.

  1. What is the essence of owning several pairs of shoes?
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There are 2 advantages of owning several pairs of shoes; economic and mechanical. If you own several pairs of shoes, it reduces the wear and tear rate, which allows you to use them longer. On the other hand, the fitting and comfort of each shoe vary, which strengthens your foot grips in different dimensions.

  1. Does the foot shape influence the type of shoes?

Yes. Every shoe made considers the type and shape of the foot. Manufacturers consider the length, sole flatness and foot width when designing the shoes. Since the runner uses the shoe in extreme circumstances, it should be as comfortable as possible. Fitting the shoe before purchase and testing its compatibility with your feet is essential.

  1. Does the shoe brand matter?
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It depends on the level of quality and comfort. Brands are known to maintain quality and standards, which customers value. However, changes made over time might alter or remove the comfort and style altogether. It might force you to look for other shoe brands that have the level of comfort you need.

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